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Sanitation/Street Lights

Lower Mount Bethel Township TRASH REMOVAL
Lower Mount Bethel Township is currently contracted with Advanced Disposal Services for garbage removal and recycling. If you should experience any problems with service, Advanced Disposal Services can be contacted at (877) 790-4027 or visit their website at Advanced Disposal.

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In 2018, the Township purchased trash and recycling toters that were distributed to the residents. Additional toters may be purchased for $50 at the Township Office.

Recycling is picked up every other week. Newspapers should be bundled and glass, plastic, and aluminum cans should be commingled.

List of Acceptable Items For Recycling

Please note:
It is a State Law - Haulers are no longer allowed to accept Electrical Items.

Reminder - LMBT Ordinance 2012-03 for Trash Collection limits the time that trash and empty cans can be placed curbside: "No refuse and recycling containers shall be placed for collection earlier than 6 a.m. of the day prior to a scheduled collection date. No refuse or recycling containers shall remain curbside or in the vicinity of the cartway of the street or alley beyond 6p.m. of the day following a scheduled collection date."

Per the contract, Advanced Disposal Service does not pickup leaves or other yard waste. A leaf pickup is conducted once a year by the Township. Dates will be posted on the website and also will be announced in the newsletter. You may call the Township office if you have any questions.

Each Township residential unit will receive an invoice from the Township on an annual basis for payment of garbage removal services. The bills are sent out in the beginning of February and are due mid-April. Any garbage assessment that remains unpaid after the due date will incur an additional 10% penalty. The 2019 annual garbage assessment rate is $185.00 per residential unit.

If you do not receive a garbage bill, please contact the Township office immediately. Not receiving a bill does not relieve you of the obligation.

Commercial businesses are not permitted use of the residential pickup. Commercial businesses are required to obtain their own trash removal.

Unpaid sanitation bills will be turned over to Amato & Keating, P.C. collection. Once your account has been turned over to Amato & Keating, P.C., payment must be made directly to them. They may be reached at:

Amato & Keating, P.C.
107 North Commerce Way
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Sanitation & Recycling Ordinance 2010-01
Post-Judgment Municipal Interest 2011-02
Delinquent Assessment Collection 2011-04 - Amendment Ordinance 2015-04

Street Lights

Residents of Lower Mount Township are assessed a street light assessment for those properties which are located within 250 feet of a street light. Terms are as follows:

Street Light Assessment Martins Creek - Improved Properties: $0.50 per foot of frontage
Street Light Assessment - Martins Creek - Unimproved Properties: $0.125 per foot of frontage
Street Light Assessment Gravel Hill: $50.00 per property
Returned Check Fee: $25.00

Street light assessments shall be mailed no later than April 15, 2019. The street light assessments shall bear a due date of June 17, 2019.

Every owner of a property located within 250 feet of a street light in the Martins Creek Street Light District shall receive a street light assessment for the property.

Every owner of a property located with the Gravel Hill Street Light District shall receive a street light assessment.

Payments may be made at the Township office by cash or check.
As per 53301 of the Second-Class Township Code, all unpaid assessments shall be turned over to the appointed solicitor for collections ninety days after the due date and the property owner shall be subject to additional legal fees and court costs as set forth in Ordinance 2010-04, as recently amended by Ordinance 2015-04.

Street Light Assessment Resolution and Fees

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