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Zoning / Building

Lower Mount Bethel Township Township Zoning Officer
Anthony DiSante - Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.
By Appointment Only
Phone # 610-829-1315
Email: zoning@lowermtbethel.org

PA UCC Building Code Official
Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.


Lynn Bartleson, Chairperson, Co-Secretary
Philomena Nagy, Vice-Chair, Co-Secretary
James Miller
Eric Richards
Joseph Keifer

Broughal & DeVito – James Preston

Appeals to the zoning hearing board are scheduled on an as needed basis on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. held at the Centerfield Building – 6984 S. Delaware Dr, Martins Creek, PA 18063. Please see the Township Fee Schedule for fees associated with a zoning hearing board appeal. Hearings are scheduled and advertised by the Zoning Solicitor.

International Property Maintenance Code

Building Code Appeal

As of July 1, 2009, all contractors working within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required to have a contractor's license through the Attorney General's office. All trades persons and contractors are required to obtain a license from Lower Mount Bethel Township as well. This license is available from the Township office at a cost of $25 and is renewable as of January 1st of each year. Any contractor violating this ordinance is subject to fines of $1,000 per day per Ordinance 2009-04.

ALL CONTRACTORS are required to submit a copy of their Certificate of Insurance, citing specifically Workers' Compensation to the office prior to issuance of any permit per Pennsylvania State Law, Act 44. If you do not have Workers' Compensation, an exemption certificate must be completed and notarized.

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